Friday, April 3, 2009

New on My Book Shelf...

The "up" part of not feeling too well this week was a delivery from Amazon. I had pre - ordered "In This Garden"by Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn an as usual great timing. Timing is everything. I could not feel guilty laying around immersing myself in this book. I "read" books like this by first looking briefly at all the pictures front to back and then back to front. Then I start really reading at the beginning and go to the end of the book, enjoying each page.

First, I have to say it is the perfect spring time art book. The subject matter is so appropriate for the release date. The photography is wonderful. The sidebar comments and information delightful. The "how to's" and instructions are understandable and make you want to jump up and run to your work space. Also, the format of the book is consistent all the way through.

Second, the contributing artist were all fabulous as are the authors. Each one showing a unique side to where they live and who they are. Sometimes in books like this I have favorite pages. I was going to try and share something like that with this book and realized I really love each one of the "gardens". That is very telling. I really can't chose one over the other. Each one is delightful.

Third, it is a large book physically. The print is excellent and easy to read. I say this only because there have been several books out where to read the print you needed a magnifying glass and extra lighting. The photography is superb. The projects are presented beautifully. You feel like you can almost touch them.

Fourth, this is one of the best art books of this type I have seen in quite a while. So, find it at your book seller or go to Amazon, fix a nice pot of tea and sit down for a delightful afternoon or evening of art. Walk through their gardens.


sf said...

If I hadn't already read In This Garden myself, I sure would want to from this review!!!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the review of In This Garden! I popped right over to Amazon and ordered it!!