Sunday, April 5, 2009

Update - Disintegration Project

Secured with glass "rocks".

This weekend I decided to check my bundles for the Disintegration Project. For those of you who are new to this, Seth from The Altered Page is having a challenge where 118 artists from ALL over have made various paper bundles, then taken them outside and left them to the elements. On May 1st we will bring them in and check them out and then.....

My bundles got off to a windy start. About a week out on the project we had tropical winds. One of the little issues of living at the coast. I had not secured them enough and they blew apart and everywhere. My neighbors helped me recover what I could from under bushes, out of several swimming pools, on the grass, etc... At this point I realized I needed to rethink how I had secured the bundles.

I decided to use all the "blown" paper and make more bundles. I retied the bundles in a much more secure way and some I literally put rocks on to hold down. Instead of six bundles I did twelve. So here are some of them. One more month...

Blown pages now secured by the rusted fish.

Tied and hung pages next to my bird feeders. The birds are now use to them and have started pecking on them. Maybe they will line their nests with some of the papers.

Some Chinese math papers for the smarter than average bird.

Oh yes, some music pages for lounging around the pool.


Laura Pace said...

The frog,lying there in the sun with her music, she looks very happy!

Seth said...

12 instead of 6? Twice the disintegration. The shot of the lounging frog is priceless!