Friday, April 3, 2009

Wonderful Art by Others

I wanted to share some art from other artists today with all of ya'll. These were all done using some of the freebie images or egg template from here. I think they are all wonderful and would really like to make this a regular part of my blog. I want to thank these artists for taking the time to share what they have created. I hope everyone will take some time and visit their blogs. Thanks again for sharing.

This beautiful and vibrant digital collage is from Laura Pace of Found Memories Art. I love the colors and the way she made the image hers. It reminds me of a little fairy sitting in a flower garden.

"Welcome Spring" is a beautiful digital collage by Laura Pace using an image from Freebie #20.

I love this Gothic arch from Catherine at Mud Bay Musings. I really like how she incorporated the butterflies from the girl's dress into the rest of the arch. All of the colors are so vivid and spring like. This piece seems to sing.

Gothic arch by Catherine using images from Freebies #22.

These two examples are from my blog friend Jacqueline from France. Her blog is called My Scrap Basket and has a truly French flavor to it. I hope you will stop by and visit her.

Jacqueline's eggs using the egg template.

Jacqueline's card with Freebie#20 image.


Jacqueline said...

LOVE the gothic arch with this image, the butterflies compliment it beautifully!

Laura Pace said...

Thanks for the shout out here! And you got it on one... it is supposed to make you think of a fairy, with the flower in the background being not only the color of her dress, but her wings! And the butterfly either her pet or her hat.

Catherine said...

Thanks again for the freebie images, Elizabeth! And, thanks for including a picture of my arch in your blog!

Aimeslee said...

Well, very nice art pieces from these ladies.

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