Sunday, August 30, 2009

ATC and Tag from Scraps


My goal this year has been to recycle my scraps and buy less. So far I have been doing really good at sticking to my mantra. I took the scraps from the sheet of paper I made Tamara's banner with and was able to get one tag, one ATC, 5 moo cards and 5 inchies. I haven't done anything with the moo's or inchies but, I thought I thought I would share these with you. Click on the tag to see it larger.

When I copied and printed my castle I did several different sizes. I was not sure what size would look the best on the banner. This also gave me several different sizes to play with for something else. The tag is actually quite large - larger than the ATC, but in scanning it and including the ribbon it does not appear that way. I used a large castle with the tag and a much smaller on for the ATC. Both of the girls are from Paper Whimsey. The wings are from Collage Visions. I needed something that would show up well with all I had going on.

The ribbon on the tag is leftovers from the banner. I have been in a real lime sherbet green mood lately. I love the combination of the green, orange and pink, with some yellow. I feel like I am in a container of rainbow sherbet. Yummm.


Bea said...

Well, I would say you have been really successful in reusing your supplies. I love the castle, the banner, the cards. Well done. :)Bea

Mary Green said...

I'm with you on the colors - they are great together

Terri Kahrs said...

These ARE yummy, delicious colors! Both of the pieces are SOooo pretty. I admire your determination to use what you have. Hugs, Terri

Dianne said...

Yes, love these color combinations! and the images are fun too...many of us still dream of being princesses!

Jann said...

These are wonderful!