Saturday, August 8, 2009

Graffiti Art

I am really into graffiti lately. I really love the stencils some of these artist make. I make it a point when I travel to try and find graffiti. The local police have been very helpful if not a little quizzical about it. This is four different pieces I put together. The boy stencil is from my favorite - Jef Aerosal. The text is from an artist out of New York City.


Jamie said...

I love this Elizabeth!!!! Your gaffitti art is beautiful:) Love, Jamie

June said...

Love this one Elizabeth. I like graffiti too. I like some of the images that Jef Aerosol does in Paris
hugs June x

Anonymous said...

I live in a city where trains run regularly through our town. I love to look at the various art work on the cars. Now some of it is junk but some of the people are true purist.