Monday, August 31, 2009

Things that Smell in the Night

Mama Skunk with young

Daddy Skunk

I hope you all have a friend you have known a long time and can call anytime. They are the best. These prints are for her, you might want to use them to remind someone of their own personal hygiene issues or not.

The other day I got a call from a friend and she said - "I have a problem - a couple of times this week I have been woken up in the dead of night by the smell from a skunk.
" She has several acres that her house is snuggled into. There are woods and a beautiful pond. I asked for more information. Then she said - we have a solar bug zapper - "Do you think that when the zapper goes off that the skunk is spraying?" Yes. "So any ideas to stop it. " Turn off the zapper for a couple of nights. Isn't it nice to have a friend to figure out life's little wonders with and just let you Hoot out loud?

My other thought when this conversation was going on was how long it had been since I had smelled that smell. I can remember when we lived on the farm smelling the smell almost every night driving home. I wonder if they don't do well in the heat or sand here. So, how many of ya'll smell skunks? Is this another thing that is slowly dying off? A friend in Alabama had a Mama and five babies under her deck that the wildlife people came and relocated. In probably ten years those are the only two skunk stories I have heard.


Bea said...

We used to have a place out in the country where we took the kids and dogs on the weekends. Our golden got into it with a skunk. We tried the tomato juice bath then kept adding whatever tomato related product we could find to the tub, paste, sauce and it still didn't curb the smell.
We took him to the vet and had his fur shaved off.

Dianne said...

we live in rural Ohio and have a wooded area behind our house. We usually get the "fragrance" of skunk on summer nights around 10 or 11 wafts into our open windows when our visitor prowls around. no casualties so far!

Kiki Finlayson said...

We live in the city, in Oregon, where we have deer and raccoons and other wildlife (recent cougar sightings) nearby because of the local woods. But my least favorite is the family of skunks living behind one of the houses across the street. We have to be absolutely certain to fasten our black lab mix pup's leash when we go out at night, as apparently the skunks are great fun to chase. Only one experience requiring a bath so far, but once that black pup runs off at night she's pretty hard to find! I think skunks are pretty alive and well in this part of the country, judgine from the evidence I see and smell....

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

OK, I can feel your friend's nose pain! The last couple of nights we too have had a Peppi la Pew or two in the neighborhood! We live in a residential area. The first night we could smell it inside with all of the windows's ghastly! I've decided if I ever got sprayed (heaven forbid!!!) they would have to knock me out for a bit (sleep cure)! It certainly is potent and could be nauseating. Thanks for these fun images. I do like skunks eventho they stink to high heaven!!! :)

Sharon said...

Everytime I go to my vets office I pass this bush by his front door and it smells like a skunk. Teddy (my bichon) sticks his nose in the air and runs away. They really need to get rid of that bush. Sharon