Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Blog Award Honor

Last week I was awarded the Best Blog Award by two different people. The first came from Trudi at Two Dresser's Studio. The second came from Lucy at By the Hill. Ladies I am so honored. I thought I would get this up sooner but one of my darling sons showed up unexpectedly to spend some of his vacation time with me. I truly am flattered.

Trudi tells me that this award is to be given to 15 different blogs. I am going to give it to a few of the blogs I visited this morning. The spirit of the award is what is important. As Trudi said, it is a heart felt wish to all. Thank you for being you!

Please go and visit Trudi's blog she has some amazing things on there. I am in awe of her digital collages and her lovely PNG images are wonderful. Thank you Trudi. And Lucy thank you. I love to visit your blog. I feel like I have stepped into a time machine that lets me visit Canada with out leaving the comfort of my home. I am in awe of the vastness you show us. I also really dig your garden. Now that the colder weather is setting in I can't wait to see some snow pictures.

I am awarding this blog to Bea at Dog in the Hole Studio. Bea is so warm and friendly, her art is delightful and her new studio is almost finished! After you visit there go around the world a bit to Marie at her blog Ozstuff. Her blog is filled with delightful digital collages and challenges. From there a little trip to California where you can stop at Jen's at Artistically Designed Diversions. Jen will wow you with her versatility. Then off to Lisa's at Art Lettering Life. Lisa does beautiful calligraphy work. I mean beautiful. To complete your little blog journey I am bringing you back to the east coast via New York to Teri's at Quinceberry. Her journaling is wonderful. Please stop by and say hello for me!


Jennifer R.D. said...

Wow Elizabeth!
Thanks so much! I am always in awe of your blog- Now I know how to fix a stuffed moleskin journal- woo-hoo! Now I need to check out all the incredible blogs you mentioned and pass the award on to some of my new blog discoveries!
Big hugs,

Bea said...

BIG SMOOCHIES TO YOU! WOW, thank you thank you........"they really like me".........Ladies and Gents, I want to thank everybody but I have dinner to take out of the oven. :)Bea

Terri Kahrs said...

Congrats on your award, Elizabeth! Well deserved! Also, thanks for introducing me to some wonderful new places to visit! Hugs, Terri xoxo

teri said...

Elizabeth, I'm so in awe of you and your blog that receiving an award from you is a truly an honor. Thanks. xoxo-teri

Dentist Concord said...

Wow, Congratulations! Keep it up and we will always be looking forward to read your new and interesting posts.