Monday, November 2, 2009

Soul Journal Pages

I joined the Soul Journal Yahoo Group a few months ago. I decided after being in another journal group that talked about her group all the time I should join and start at the beginning. After going through all the albums, reading every one's blog and catching up on the different threads of conversation I have jumped in.

Sarah Whitmire is the leader, artist, journaler extraordinaire. She has written a blog, Caspiana and illustrates all the prompts for you. So, here goes, these are my first few spreads.

The beginning was odd because we were to write our name everywhere. I am not a name writer, but at the end I was more comfortable. The armor part was the best. I loved thinking up what I was going to say here. My armor is from Karen Wimsey's clip art on medieval stuff.

The inchie page was our third prompt. We were to have one page with torn dictionary pages and the other plain. Gesso them both then when that was dry paint a bit. My gesso stinks to high I don't know what. It had molded. So gross. I through it out and just used cheap white acrylic. Work fine - no bad smells.

Then we were given a list of 24 things to tear out of a magazine and turn into one inch squares. Then glue them down on the two pages/spread. This was really fun. Definitely a TV time activity.

After everything was glued down the way you liked, we were to add a little paint around the edges and doodle at will.

The next spread we were to just spill our thoughts out on the blank paper. When finished cover with tape. I used masking tape first then when over that tape with more colored and decorative tape.

The last step was to sand the tape, gesso the tape, sand some more. I decided to add some thoughts to my page. I like how the various tapes sanded. This was a fun exercise. Now to go on to the next....


Tammy said...

Wonderful pages! Love all the various tape you used and the words.

BT said...

What wonderful images and pages, it's obviously a great group. I could enjoy doing some of those exercises. Your smelly gesso made me laugh!! I love the tape one at the end, it's amazing what a little guidance can do. Not that you need it. Congratulations on your Best Blog award and Bea really deserves it too. Lovely to peruse through your work again.

Shannon said...

Love, love, love all the pages you've done.

ellie said...

Fabulous! I got your link of the SJ Yahoo group.....such a great group of pages!!!