Monday, May 7, 2012

Digital Photograph - The Window

It has been awhile since I have posted a window. I went downtown tonight and ate a birthday dinner with my youngest son,one of his brothers, his girlfriend
and his girlfriend's mother.
It was a lovely evening. The weather was very nice, the restaurant gave us a nice table by the open window so we could enjoy the night, and the food was very good.
The thing I liked the most was the company. Seeing two of my boys together was a treat. I love my son's girlfriend, and her mom and I were completing each other's sentences in no time. As I walked to my car I thought about all the nice buildings here. How downtown is really a thriving downtown.
Most of all I am so lucky to be where I am with so many people I love. Happy Birthday dear son, you have given me such joy.
I wish you happiness.
 I love this window. The peeling paint, the grunge, the rust of the metal along the panes, and the delicate fabric used for a curtain is such a contrast to the roughness of the brick. Isn't that a lot like life? The rough and tumble
along with the smooth and easy.
The ying and yang of life.

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linda said...

I hear you, Elizabeth! the flow of the universe is constant and always surprising. The past and present collide and merge in infinite combinations.

A beautiful and evocative photo.