Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vegetable and Fruit Collage Sheet #1

Vegetable Collage Sheet 1
I started looking for images tonight to go along with some kitchen hints I ran across in the middle of one of my journals. I often write down a recipe or a book someone recommends on a blank page, sometime later I will run across it and try the recipe or get the book. Tonight I ran across some cooking hints.
Looking the images I could not decide on one or two so I thought "Why not make some collage sheets?" I have not made any of those in a long time. I am not sure why,but anyway I made four of them tonight. I like them all. I think they are very Springy and would be nice in a garden journal. I will share them all this week along with a few household hints.
These collage sheets can be printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. Also,left click on the image. Then hit open link in a new window. Then left click and you will get the large size image. Hit save image and then print it. Hope you like.


Nancy said...

These are wonderully nostalgic. Thank you for sharing them!

Linda said...

How garden is just starting to come up nicely. It'll be fun to use these when I journal about it. Thanks so much!

Ann said...

love all your collage sheets!..going backwards from latest post!!! thannks for taking the time to make and share!!!!