Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vegetable Collage Sheet #3 - My Favorite

Collage Sheet #3

This is my favorite collage sheet so far. I like the top image on the left. The Blue Lake fruit out of Winter Haven Florida. Not far from my Grandmother's house and where my Mother and Father grew up. Many warm afternoon's my brother, my grandmother and I spent fishing there. Funny how something as simple as a fruit label can conjure up memories.
I am off to D.C. for a week of family fun. Today I heard from my yard guy's Steve and Steve, that there were three black bears spotted in the neighborhood. One loner and a mom with a cub. The loner was seen a few houses down from me and the mother and cub a few houses up from me. I am not quite sure how to react to that news.  I will not be filling my bird feeder before I leave. 
A few years ago we had a young male bear at the house at the beach. He had settled in after a swim along the Intercoastal Waterway into our neighborhood. He was an active bear who took up residence behind my house for a while. He was a musky smelling guy who had a thing for coffee. 
Any how, hopefully by the time I get back the three bears will be gone. I need to work in my yard, start my garden! 


Nancy said...

Another great selection! And, yes, the bears can go. Briefly entertaining, but they can go.

Folk Heart said...

Have been incommunicado for a few weeks, and it was with great joy and anticipation that I checked in on your favorite. You never fail to interest, amuse and touch me. Thank you for all the inspiration and peace!

sonja said...

love the horse label and i also like crate labels for art and insapration .Thank yo!