Saturday, May 19, 2012

This week...I have opinions

14 foot mustache

Every once in a while you have a week that is filled with so much weirdness that when you come up for air you just have to shake your head. It makes my life seem so normal and downright boring. Ahh happiness. I feel like I want to comment.

First of all who grows a mustache that is 14 feet long? Ewe,Ewe,Yuk. Some guy in India and he think that is attractive. For all you men out there  - It is not.
For a minute I thought this guy was Sasha Cohen doing one of his prank things. I can not believe those two women are actually going to touch it...

Then there is the poor wife of the Laker's player who gets death threats on twitter because her husband missed a shot. She has to block 500 people from twitter because of the mean threats and agressive comments. Wow. Scary. Death really? Somebody is definitely way too serious about a ball game. It is a game. Enough said.

Onward to Georgia where the poor girl who went Zip lining - lost her leg due to flesh eating bacteria, can still smile and say "Let's do it" when told about her latest need to lose her foot and  fingers. Can anyone say Courage? She is getting alot of prayer from me, along with her supportive family. God bless them.

I am still wondering what has happened to Gavin Smith the Universal Studio Executive and ex USC basketball player with the beautiful family. Where did he drive off to? in purple pajama pants? What is the rest of the story? Where are you?
I hope this story has a happy ending.

Now let's talk about Jenny McCarthy posing again 20 years later for Playboy. When your 19 you can explain it away to your kids that you were young and foolish, when your 39 you have a hard time explaining to your son - "I am old and desperate?" How embarrassing for her family.

Then the Kennedy's in the news - another death. A suicide. Leaving 4 children motherless. So sad, so troubled, a beautiful, smart, talented woman...I can only shake my head and much tragedy for one family to bare.

In Japan, the little penguin who escaped the zoo a week or so ago shows up swimming around in Tokyo Bay. It seems very happy eating fish and coming ashore to sleep at night. Everyone is hoping the radiation will not kill him. He or she is free - sounds like the trade off is worth it here.

Moving on, in Kansas 200 Buffalo escape. Apparently, they were off like a shot, traveled 5 counties and into another state before you could say hamburger. The police said "they are really fast" - they can travel up to 35 to 64 miles and hour, can jump 6 feet in the air and 7 feet to the side. Run, buffalo, run. May be one or two will elude capture and spend their days in peace. One can only dream.

Then, there is the girl who works at Goodwill Industries who found $14,000.00 in a box of Christmas ornaments. She turned it in[honesty should be applauded]and they are trying to find the owner. Also, the guy who left the diamond engagement ring in an old jacket and donated the jacket forgetting the ring was in the pocket. Someone found quite a surprise in that old jacket. I don't know about you but, it makes me want to take a spin at our local Goodwill industries store.

Last but not least - Hey Rhode Island I have a game I need some money to develop. It is a game we use to play all the time when I was a kid. I just need a little help making a virtual reality digital game of it. Please give me about half of what you gave Mr. Curt Schilling. I know I can market it to somebody. I promise to pay you back - and for some reason if I can not - I know your tax payers will not mind paying for a sweet old southern girl [like me] debts. Pretty please?

Some days I just feel like the world has gone a little mad. How was your week?

Now I understand why the fence is so high if they can jump 6 feet into the air.


indybev said...

Well, you DID pull some nuggets from the daily news, didn't you? I enjoyed your comments. Have a good trip to DC.....and I hope when you get home you won't be saying "Somebody's been eating my poridge!" and the bears will have moved on!

Aimeslee said...

YES YES AND YES - Elizabeth for Common Sense Czar! winkwink xoxo

Ann said...

oh.i love your blog!
visiting you is the best!