Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spotted in the mountains...

Spotted this little lady with a few friends up in the mountains. Looks like it is almost time for a haircut.

Always time for a little antiquing. Found this bird house that will look perfect in  my backyard.

Found these three lovely rusty wheels at a neat antique place. I think I might have to stop on the way home and pick them up if they are still there. They might make nice additions to my flower beds.
I spot alot of these gates up in the mountains. I like the promise they hold of what is beyond the closed gate.


Nancy Ashley said...

Love those NC mountains and I love these pics. Makes me want to come for a visit. Just a couple of hours for us to the foothills and we come as often as we can.

teri said...

Oh yes. That girl is going to need to see her stylist before the heat of summer is upon us!

Ann said...

wonderful photos!!
i like to pretend i am there!!!
so lovely!!!