Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember ... Memorial Day

Let us not forget, today of all days, all of those that have sacrificed so much so that we have this most precious thing - freedom.  Memorial Day has always been an important holiday to my family. A day to honor those who have given so much for us. I want to thank them and their families for all that they have sacrificed for me and my family.

Today is my family's first Memorial Day without Daddy. He was my hero in so many ways. He was a fighter pilot in World War II. Shot down on D Day. A prisoner of War. Came home and workded hard for his family always finding time to volunteer where he was needed, civic organizations, the church, etc. He worked tirelessly to get the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. built. A husband, a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather, a much loved man. A good man. Thank you, and all of those like you who fought so valiantly so that I have all the freedoms I have today. You are all extraordinary.

Last week Mom and I were able to go to Arlington Cememtery to visit Dad. That is a place where you are able to get quite the visual effect of how many are laid to rest who have given everything for you and I. It is a humbling place. They bury 17 hero's a day there. I do not know what else to say except, Thank You.


Ann said...

they gave the ultimate gift to their country.
i have been to is a place of great honor............

Aimeslee said...