Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Frieda Canvas

As promised I used the image of Frieda to create something. It is a small 8 by10 board canvas. I like to prime these canvases and spackle them a bunch at a time. I usually do this when I feel like making something but the muse or energy is just not there. So I put on some music or a movie and go at it. I use spackle that has acrylic in it. It will say on the container acrylic. This spackle has flex to it and willl not chip off. Plus, acrylic paint tints it very nicely. I apply the spackle with a spackle tool, then use a plastic knife to fine tune. I like to leave the center and maybe a corner on the canvas spackle free. The flat space is nice for laying images, transfers, etc. Once the canvas is primed and spackled I am ready when the feeling hits. { I let the canvas dry overnight.} So here's Frieda.