Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jelly fish

Cannonball Jellyfish along the beach this morning. Five in all. They look like big toad stools to me. These do not sting people, they are a nuisance to the fishermen when they tangle and weigh down their nets. Speaking of jelly fish and the beach.... since a lot of you will be spending time there the best remedy for a jellyfish sting is vinegar or salt water. Regular water or urine will actually force the toxin into your system. If you get stung by a Portuguese man of war do not use any of these remedies. Get medical help. So add a dollar bottle of vinegar to your first aid kit and enjoy the beach.


~*~Patty said...

Your blog is just beautiful, SO many things I relate to Frida, NC Ocean, nature, quotes and SWANS, I'm ponkie for swans. Your artwork is awesome too. Found you from the ArtTechYahoo Group :)

MarysMadness said...

What great pics! I've never seen these. I just got back from the beach in Delray Beach, Florida.

Love your site.