Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

Today was hot and muggy. I got a late start so I was only able to hit three or four sales. The first two were picked over and I am not a big clothes person. The third was great. The bottles were for sale there. The gentleman had several tables and boxes full of bottles. He worked for a demolition firm and had been hired to clear an old dump site downtown on the Cape Fear River for the new convention center. His crew had found all these bottles. Some were hand blown with bubbles, medicine bottles, two part mold bottles, clear bottles, brown bottles, these gorgeous aqua bottles. I missed the cobalt bottles. I didn't feel too bad cause I have a lot of those. I ended up with thirty bottles. I pretty much stuck with the smaller bottles. I like them for window sills. I put my sand collection in the clear bottles. The aqua bottles are my favorite. The small bottles can be used in altered books or assemblage pieces. All for 25cents each. What a deal.

The last yard sale was interesting. A mother - daughter decorating team. I bought a box of ten dress patterns for 5 cents each. The patterns looked like they had dressed the crew from Dallas. Look out Joan Collins. I love the pattern pieces as backgrounds on canvas. They also had these interesting ornaments. The stars and Fleur de leis. They are all hand sewn with metallic threads. Just beautiful. The whole bag was 10 cents. The woman actually apologized to me that they were "sort of old". Old is good. I also picked up four yards of this damask. I loved the dragonflies holding up the pearl like swag. Pillows maybe? The Russian spoon is for my mom. She has a very interesting collection of hand painted Russian boxes, containers, trays, and spoons.


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of these old bottles too. Our back yard was part of a dump many years ago. When we bought the property my husband started landscaping and the bottles were everywhere. I can't imagine that you bought yours for
.25 piece. LUCKY FIND

Sandy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your lucky are you!!!! Have a great day!


Laurel said...

Hi Elizabeth - great bottles, and I love the damask.

When you come up next, we have a new spot to check - the lime green building with the blue stars is now an antiques barn/mall - woohoo!

jackieb said...

My gosh, you are sooo lucky. The bottles are great but I love, love the fleur de lis.

I was at a garage sale yesterday and bought this old wood baby crib. I 'm going to dress it up and use in the garden.

The wife said to her husband "see, I knew someone would buy it". He just shook his head. People just don't understand "old is sometimes good". ha ha

Thanks for sharing your find!

Cathee said...

what a good days haul!! you found some treasures!Cathee

Elizabeth in NM said...

Wow, what finds! I'd love to see what you do with the fleur de lis and star appliques and the damask. Keep us posted!

sandee said...

I think you need a shopping buddy from CT! I can NEVER find anything remotely as interesting as what you find...and for so little money. Wowsa!

Jillian said...

I need to come and garage sale with you! Fabulous finds.