Sunday, May 18, 2008

Garage Day Saturday's

Little known fact about me.....I am a garage sale, tag sale, flea market an auction junkie. I love the unexpected.
When we were young my Mother would take us antiquing when we traveled. It was a way to stretch our legs on those long trip to my grandmother's house. Mom an I would go in first while my Dad would walk around or throw the ball with my brother. Then when she spotted something my Dad would be called. My brother would ALWAYS complain. I figured I could choose to have fun or I could be miserable like my brother. I chose to have fun. I learned so many things from the antique dealers. Once they realized I wouldn't break anything and was truly in awe of their treasures they began to tell me the stories behind things. I believe my deep love of history began in those shops. Mom an I still antique and our homes are filled with one of a kind treasures.
Saturday mornings have at least an hour or two reserved for garage saleing. For years it was full of baseball games, soccer games, basketball practice, etc. All those things little boys love. Sometimes their Dad would take over and give me the luxury of a free Saturday morning. Now my Saturday's are mostly mine. I give myself up to two hours, then I am finished. I set a dollar amount and pretty much come in under unless there is just an incredible find. That one you know you can't live without.
So.. the picture above was yesterday's finds. I collect green pottery [and white and blue] particularly McCoy, Haeger, and Cole by an North Carolina family. I was lucky to find a Haeger piece and two McCoy pieces for under six dollars. Woo Hoo! At the same place I found an old silver ware box with green edges that will make an interesting shrine. The silhouette I found could be used with that.
I spent the most time at a women's sale who had been a flea market vendor and was selling jewelery. She had suitcases, boxes full. All in ziplock bags and in a tangle. I bought all the flower pins from her and two cigar boxes. Also, the lovely little copper luster pitcher - mint condition. She is having another sale in two weeks when she sorts thing out better. I plan on going back. I found sheet music[ten cents a book] and a cool fruit box - not in picture - at the Catholic church sale. Very crowded and lots of clothes. The fellow I bought the silverplate [one dollar] from also is giving me a couple of boxes of rusty tools, etc. He thought I could use them in my art. All in all a good day! You are looking at fifteen dollars worth of fun.


jackieb said...

I LOVE LOVE fleas markets and thrift store, garage sales. I guess it is about the history. Looks like you got some great stuff. I think we are lucky we are living in this era because we are now recyclers not just junk buyers ha ha

Brenda said...

I'm in the same boat with you regarding thrift stores, flea markets, etc. But, I've never met anyone else that collects green pottery too!

Babytreese said...

I love your Paris board book and that picture and quote of Maya is really spectacular. Thanks for sharing!