Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Painting and Printing on Canvas

These are my first two stabs at the canvas technique. The first I used a journal page from 1874 of a farm wife from the Midwest.
The canvas had to be cut down a half inch in width to fit in my printer. I set my printer to print on card stock. After printing I set aside to dry then took my heat gun and just lightly heat set everything. Lightly. Acrylic will bubble and melt if you keep the heat gun in one place too long. The second piece I changed the setting on my printer to print lighter. I really just wanted the text to show through but not be the predominant part of the back ground. I could already envision what this canvas could be used for. Backgrounds for ATC's or a skinny book cover. I found the canvas to be very pliable even after painting and printing. This could be a nice surface to sew on. Back to the studio to paint a few more back ground pieces.

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