Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Voting and What it Means to be a Woman

Please remember to exercise your right to vote. It seems like such a small thing.. But it is truly a Priviledge.

Today is the first North Carolina Primary. So exciting. Every polling place I have driven by is full. The weather is stunning - carolina blue sky. I will vote this afternoon when my son goes to work.

Voting ... a very powerful concept. Do you realize" Women" have not even had the vote for a hundred years yet? This morning I decided to get on the internet and do a little voting research. I was astounded. The thing that astounded me the most was that my grandmother was living all this. I asked her one time what it was like to cast that very first vote. She sat for a few minutes, silently, then she looked at me. Slowly she smiled. Then sort of chuckled. She told me she was one of the lucky ones. My grandfather was on a run that day - he was a railroad man - so she could vote without him. Her friends had to go vote with their husbands. I said "So." She said there were no booths. No privacy. So your husband would make sure you voted his way. But you still got to vote!

Today I thank all those suffragettes and the ones who died so that I can vote. Can you imagine the happy dance they all must be having knowing there is a woman running and an African American man. Who knew? No matter who you vote for these are exciting times.

In honor of those suffragettes, particularly Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Lucy Stone, an all the women out there trying to make a difference - here are two ATC's for you.


Aimeslee said...

I think you have deftly described exactly why I am so pleased to have gotten to vote for Hillary Clinton, because I can go to my grave knowing I did my part to carry it further, in case it never happens again. hugs, Aimeslee

Laurel said...

Great ATCs Elizabeth! We truly live in an amazing age.

Moonwillow said...

You have a great blog, I added you to my favs. And you are truly right about women vote. You know I think that men still try to influence the way we vote but they are not successful. I asked my G'ma the same questions back when she was still here and she said the same story. My MIL is 96 and the next time I talk to her I will ask her. She is proud to vote and obsesses over it, it is her "duty".

Jean said...

Don't forget Alice Paul! I also did some posts about this during Women's History Month (March)...Women who have postage stamps that we don't teach in History class....we should also teach about women in our history curriculums, don't you think?? Hilary Swank was in a great HBO movie about about Alice Paul that was very moving...they went on strike outside the white house during WWI (which was unheard of) they locked her up, tried to commit her and she went on a hunger strike, they tried to force feed her......Wilson finally gave in some.... Now there's a Hillary running for President....and a guy named Barack Obama.....only in America!!!

Diane said...

Wonderful, wonderful! These are truly amazing times for us! Very nice story.

Elizabeth George said...

Great job, Elizabeth.
Knowing you personally, I thank you for the knowledge about Altered Art you've shared with me! More importantly, the encouragement and acceptance I have felt from you has motivated me when I felt "dumb".
Libby Lu