Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drying Flowers in the Microwave

Flower arrangement from Daddy's Memorial service

Rose Petals on Plate

Theses will be a bit darker when dried

After my Father's Memorial service my sister decided she wanted to save a few of the flowers to remember this life changing event. We decided to do some of the roses that were in the flower arrangememts.  My sister looked up on the internet what we decided was the best way to do this. The microwave. Who knew?

We put the flower petals on a plate, spread them out some,then microwaved in 20 second intervals till they were dried.
They retained their color and smell. I was amazed. A few of the arrangements had minature roses in them so we decided to give them a try. We put them on a plate and did them in 15 second increments. The stems have a lot of water/moisture in them.  They tend to crackle and let off some steam. They also turned out beautifully.

I put mine in a zip loc bag as I was traveling by car.  My sister was traveling by plane so we put hers in a plastic food storage container so they would not be crushed in her suitcase. They all arrived safe and sound. I will be trying this again with my flowers.


peggy gatto said...

First, I am sorry to hear about your loss.
What a lovely idea about saving the flowers.
I will try it!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Ann said...

Elizabeth..these will bring you comfort. We dried some of the flowers from my mother's flowers with flower preservative that we bought at a craft store. This way looks easier..especially since it keeps the fragrance. xo

Dragonlady said...

Your flowers look lovely and thanks for sharing how to dry them in the microwave....i hope to try this.....glad you have memories...

Teresa said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I hope saving the flowers will be a comfort to you.
Thank you for sharing the idea of what a microwave can do.