Saturday, February 14, 2009

Digital collage #2 - believe

Here is digital collage number two. I figured out how to get all the back ground lines out of my sweet girl's face, but still have her blend into the background. Let me give image credit real quick, the house is from Bill Blanton, the bees are from the Vintage Moth, and the recipe in the background I got off the art- e- zine website. Thank you all.


Toni Curtis said...

absolutely beautiful. I hope to begin learning my program so I can do digital collage also. Great work. xoxo. Toni

Gaby Bee said...

Once again a really incredible creation! Simply perfect!
Gaby xo

Anonymous said...

funny you should mention "getting the background lines out" of her face...I have conquered more than I had thought I could from photoshop, but after I add my vintage photo layer to the background layer, I don't know how to get the background lines out of the lady's face!!! Any tips you can share? Love your digital collages- thanks!