Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling Pink

My road trip was just the thing I needed to get through the rest of the winter. A few days away, meeting new people, seeing new sights, trying new food, and I feel like a new person. I noticed on this trip that I was being drawn to "pink" things. Maybe it is because this is February and it is the month we show our love to those who are dear to us. For whatever reason, I am going to go with it. So, everyday for the rest of February I will post a copyright free image of something pink. Some you might have seen some not. I hope you will all feel pink by the end of the month.


Talking Horses Arts said...

Getting more pink already!!!LOL
Thanks for sharing!

gale said...

Thank you for the cute little lady in pink!
I have been looking at your blog for almost a year and have just learned how to leave comments.
Thank you for sharing all your great photos and thoughts.... I really enjoy your blog.
Love and Laughter,