Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Day of Pink....

Pink dish and green leaves 1928
Georgia O'Keeffe

This painting was done by one of America's most famous women artists - Georgia O' Keeffe after she had met and married Alfred Stieglitz. She had had several shows and her name had been made. She had just sold a series of paintings for the most any living artist had sold - $25,000. Life was good. I see in this painting the need and ability to find beauty everywhere. Shortly after this painting was done, she was bitten by the travel bug and took her first visit out west. I think she found what she was looking for out there. A place she named "Faraway."
So, I finish the pink series is up to you. You can find it in the simple everyday things in life. Pink is about making the changes you need to help you stay pink. I wish you all a little pink in your life!


Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorite O'Keeffes...have been loving your "pinks"...and your blog! thanks for sharing

Aimeslee Winans said...

Hey there! Great finale for the pinks. Some of O'Keefe's stuff is too far out for me, but this one is very nice.