Friday, February 6, 2009

Road trip - The first mission

Several weeks ago I had read on Jane's blog how she was having Patti Digh come to her shop and sign her book. I nearly flipped. I called "D" and suggested a road trip. I received this book shortly after I broke my foot last September. When you are confined to bed rest and NO weight on your foot, TV becomes quite boring. The second day I began Patti's book.

This book is life altering. If I was only allowed to read one book this year this would be it. I first read through the book. Then I went back and took it exercise by exercise and did the book. I read something daily from this book. Much of what she says makes so much sense. You know this stuff but just have not been able to say it as eloquently as she has.

This book will change your life. With all the turmoil going on in this world right now, this book will center you. Remind you of what is truly important. Give you the tools to bring change into your life, show you and yours how to live a mindful and intentional life. Thank you Patti!

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