Monday, February 23, 2009

Digital Collage #5 - Family Tree

I have been feeling a little blue all weekend. On Friday one of the boys moved far away- an ocean away. I am very happy for him, but at the same time sad. I will miss him very much. I have had the pleasure of being only a few minutes away from him for most of his life. You don't realize how comforting that can be till you don't have that.

When I broke my foot he came and stayed to help take care of and wait on me. It is one thing to watch your kids grow up, go through the "teens" and then into adulthood. As parents we generally don't get to spend much time with our adult kids. Fortunately, I did with this one. Another blessing from breaking my foot. I watched him sell off his possessions, pack,and finally ship things. Lightening his load. A new life, new possibilities, new experiences. I can't wait till Christmas to see him....

So I made this collage this weekend. It is rather dark and sad now that I look at it today. I can not remember whose website I got the background paper from - if any one recognizes it let me know and I will make amends. The tree was a stock photo.

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