Sunday, February 15, 2009

Digital Collage #4 - Numbers

I love this little girl in plaid. She looks so sweet all dressed up. There is something is the eyes that says she knows more than her early years should. I am practicing erasing the backgrounds, and filling the backgrounds in so that the faces can really be seen. Harder than it looks for a beginner. On this collage I used Tim Holtz stamps - the pens and the numbers for this, the butterfly is a Dover clip art piece. Time to get in the studio and do some real cutting and gluing.


Mary S. Hunt said...

great collage
so this is not totally digital?

Elizabeth Golden said...

Mar everything on this collage is digital. I stamped the stamps on a piece of paper then scanned them into my computer, then placed them on the collage digitally. There is no actual stamping, cutting, or gluing on this collage.

Diane said...

Beautiful. Elizabeth. I've never done a digital collage. Is the collage digitally a photoshop thing or something else? Thanks, Diane

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

oh wow... I have just scanned a few of your posts and just loved what I saw! I am a very beginner at digital collage work and so want to learn more. You say you are a beginner, but the few creations I have seen here are lovely! Are you taking classes to learn?

I can't wait to come back when I have more time!

Kindly, ldh

Gaby Bee said...

All I can say is - STUNNING!
Gaby xo