Friday, August 15, 2008

Comment of Freebies #9

This week I decided to do the photographs a little differently. I wrote a little bio under each one. When I see these wonderful old photographs I wonder who they were, what their lives were like, what they did, etc.... Sometimes I make up little stories about them. Sometimes on the back of the photo will be a name or relationship to the recipient of the photo on it. This can lead you to all sort of places.

I decided to post these pictures of teachers and a student because next week the kids will begin to trickle back to school. Whether college or elementary school - teachers - will have a great influence over their lives. It is a job that is very fulfilling, yet not always compensated for the value it brings to our lives. So in honor of those who are not always honored, I post these photos.

The second and third photos were sisters and they were teachers. The two women in Freebie #8 with the big puffy sleeves were teachers also - though not sisters. I know this because I bought one of their associates or pupils photo albums. These photos are from 1826 to 1858, except for the last photo in Freebie # 9. This is from 1910 to ? I hope you enjoy them.

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janene said...

I love the stories and the pics as well. Thanks for sharing. Janene