Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday - An Evening of Liberation

An evening dinner in the garden. How perfect. Watching the butterflies, the hummingbirds and their acrobats. A perfect setting. Good food, good friends, not much more you can ask for than that.The garden at friends home is wonderful. Pathways leading here and there to some treasure. Wonderful flowers, planted to attract the butterflies and birds. Feeders and birdbaths strategically placed. Makes for a wonderland in an urban setting.I really love these glass balls that they have arranged in their garden. These were picked up off the beach after storms in Japan when their family was stationed there. They were the balls from the fishing nets. I think they are so beautiful and what a perfect place to show them off.

After the sun went down it was into the studio to make art! It is always so much fun to go into someone else's art space. I love to see how they set things up and where they create.

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