Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Snippets

These are a couple more snippet dolls that I made from the left overs from my yellow quiltie and the purple quiltie. They are very quick and simple to make [see previous post]. I figure by the time I finish with the quiltie swap I will have a whole school of snippet dolls.

As I was making the two purple dolls tonight I was trying to figure out why as an adult I like to make dolls so much, but as I child I did not play with dolls. I have a wonderful doll collection from all over the world that my Mom started for me as a child. My parents and their friends would bring me dolls from far away places they visited. I never played with them. They all sat on shelves and I loved making up stories about them, but I didn't play with them like little girls play with dolls. I loved their exotic clothes and hair styles. They spoke of far away lands and places I wanted see. I think they represented to me the possibilities of adulthood.

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