Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finished Felted Fabric ATC's

These are the felted fabric ATC's with images, beads and lace. I feel like they are more finished. Maybe because I do so much collage work they just didn't feel like they had a focal point. Now I feel like they give your eye a story.

The top five have images a friend gave me in a trade. They say Debbie Warren on the collage sheet. I have know idea how to get in touch, a web site or blog for her. If any one knows, let me know. I do like the images though. I printed them on fabric with one of the ink cartridges that had run low. I save them and put them in a zip lock bag. Then when I need something "off color" I use them. This time I needed a purplish hue.

On the last three ATC's I used some lace butterflies that I got in college at an estate sale. The woman was the textile curator for Henry Ford Museum in Detroit Michigan. I bought everything she had that the museum did not purchase or receive. There are six sizes of these butterflies and 12 of each size. I have been carrying around a dresser full of lace from this estate for years. It was fun to pull out a piece or two and use it.

I find I am a hoarder about with certain things. As I grow personally and chronologically I find hoarding is not such a problem. My goal is to use it all up in as much art work as possible. Two of the butterfly ATC's I am planning on swapping. The other is a small gift for one of the girls in the Fabric ATC yahoo group that as hit a really rough patch.

So what do you think? Do they look more finished to you? [I apologize for my scanner. It did not like these images.]


Jennifer R.D. said...

I do like the additions you made to the ATCs.
The faded images blend in nicely with the fabric.
You were right about the focal point. Well done!

inge said...

Hello Elizabeth,

i like your ATC's! They look very tactile and the image is indeed a focalpoint, but it doesn't take the interest of the feltet ATC away.
Inge from belgium

Mary S said...

Hi Elizabeth, I really like the addition of the images to your felted atc's, and the butterflys,they dont distract from he backgrounds at all.
You could try a few embroidery stitches with beads on the others perhaps.

Jenxo said...

Oh they look beautiful, love the colors and the faded images look wonderful.... jenxo

Helen in the UK said...

Wonderful additions :)

Miss Oddity said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I've just done some needle felted ATC's too ... a new technique for me. I have enjoyed looking at and learning from yours. Thanks