Saturday, August 2, 2008

Marguerite - One Sweet Angel - Four Ways

Here is a sweet little angel from one of our local cemeteries. She dates back around 1915. Our community was hit hard by the influenza epidemic and there are a lot of childlike angels and enough little lambs to make a herd. It is so sad to see the little lambs.

This angel is one of my favorites. I love her little bow at the neckline. Her skirt has lace along the hem as does the sleeves of her dress. There is great attention to detail in so many of these statues. I also love the fact that her wings are feathers.

I hope you will have fun photo shopping her and - or adding her to your art work. If you have time I would love to see what you have done with her.


Barb said...

Hi Elizabeth,
This is my first "visit" to your blog. Luv your blog header!
I was so excited when I realized you are allowing folks to use the wonderful picture of the cemetery angel statue. Many thanks! Years ago the "head stones" really were works of art, sad we have become a country of flat brass markers.

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting your blog for a couple of weeks now, I love the recipes you've thrown in on the side and the way you share your artwork with a lot of instructions. You do beautiful artwork and you come across as a very sweet person. Thanks for sharing!