Monday, May 11, 2009

4" by 4" Collages

I have been avoiding my studio like the plague lately. I have had so many other things I needed to do that I was afraid I might not leave if I got started in there. Tonight I ventured in and made these little collages.

A few weeks ago I finished up the second round of 120 4" by 4" technique samples for the yahoo technique group. I always make extra background papers when I do a big project in case I mess up or miss count. This time I made some really gross papers.

The papers were 140 lb. watercolor paper with red acrylic paint spread all over them. The paint was just sucked up by the watercolor paper. The paper looked almost pink or maybe a water downed watermelon color. I decided that every time I used some ink or acrylic I would just rub a bunch on the paper and see if that would improve it. It did.

Tonight I took a few of the 4 by 4's and some left over scraps and made these collages. I was warming up for a couple of big swaps I am in. I find if I do a couple small things - 4 by 4's or ATC's it is a breeze to figure out the bigger stuff. How do you warm up?


Risa said...

Those are very nice! I love the colors. I usually warm up by looking at blogs and clip art I have on my computer for inspiration, then I just dive right in!

Jann said...

Hello! I found your wonderful blog through Robin, of Robin's Nest. I love your artwork, and think your digital art is just fantastic! I've really enjoyed my visit--thank you for posting all of the recipes (I'll have to try a few), the quotes, the art tips, and especially all of the beautiful "freebie" pictures you share. I'll be sure to let you know if I use any of the images; I had a few of them already in my "stash" but had not seen so many of the beautiful French postcard images you posted. I will add your blog to my favorites list, and I'll be back again soon! Smiles, Jann