Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Digital Collage - Background Paper

One of the Art technique groups on yahoo is having a digital thing where you are to play with the posterized part of your photoshop or paint program. I decided to use the background sheet freebie and do something. So here is my digital collage highly posterized. I really think certain things look better than others posterized. I am working on a couple others and you will see what I mean when I post those later.

p.s. diva is a word stamp from Inkastamps


Risa said...

Very nicely done!

June said...

Great work on his one and i agree, some things look odd using posterize and some things look just right. I like this one
Hugs June x

BT said...

Excellent work I think. I love the background too. I think this one works posterised.

Robin said...

This looks great...but I am not familiar with Photoshop! I just wanted to let you know that I used one of your adorable freebie images to create a tag and I posted it on my blog here:

A Robin's NestThanks Elizabeth!

dolls like us said...

I do photoshop all of the time I love what you do it is impressive.

Laura Pace said...

I know what you mean about the posterizing. I use it few and far between, it seems. But I like how this background turned out. And the gal really stands out against it, even though she is a delicate color in the face and neck.

Those eyes in the back...great!