Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Little Collage - Fill Her Nest

I made a little collage on canvas board this weekend. It was so hot yesterday that I needed to cool off by late afternoon. My studio called. I have had this image sitting on my work table for about a month. I added the bird nest digitally and printed it off and it just sat there. She is so thin and straight. I love how her head is turned looking at something other than the photographer. I painted and glued random paper then covered and wiped off gesso. I also gessoed and wiped the metal pieces. I wanted a sort of neutral look to them. Anyway, she's going to be attached to a journal cover.


The French Bear said...

She's lovely, I can't wait to see the journal!
Have a nice Sunday!
Margaret B

Janny said...

Beautiful, and I love your Journalpages also!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a lovely collage! I love the background on this one! If you ever want to do a little tutorial on how you make a background like this, I would love it!! :) I can never quite figure out how people make their great backgrounds!