Saturday, May 30, 2009

Celebrity Sightings and Such....

Kristen Duncan - Miss USA - has come home for the week. She is a local girl and has done us all proud. The headlines were - Miss USA Comes Home for Food Family and Fun. Don't you just love it? Her Dad was asked what she wanted to eat and he said baked chicken. Poor guy - he has three gorgeous daughters and a son. He probably has not had a lot of sleep since they hit the teen years. She has got to want something more than baked chicken, Dad. Kristen has been visiting the schools, her alma mater, the hospitals, etc... I am hoping they are feeding her more than chicken.

Yes it is true, at least that is what the local paper says... Poor Kate, the nannies and body guards are trying to spend some quiet time here at the beach in North Carolina. They were spotted at the airport, then at the ferry to Bald Head Island, and the twins were seen buying sharks teeth at the gift shop. [Girls you can find them on the beach, they are the really black shiny things.] The great thing about Bald Head is you park your car in a lot, get on the ferry, a half hour ferry ride, off the boat and into the golf cart. No cars allowed. They must have to use a half dozen or so golf carts to fit them all in. Oh, a little advice - keep your cart charged at all times. They are electric and tend to die out quickly.

It is a small island with a lot of golf and beach, there is a light house, and a couple of good restaurants, maybe four stores. Lots of deer and believe it or not alligators. Hope they brought a lot of dvd's, food, and sunscreen. No way would I want to be on Bald Head with 8 kids. I don't care how many nannies you have. Maybe with a bunch of girl friends or a romantic weekend with" the man" might work. Maybe Kate is planning down time with each kid. I hope they all have a great time.

Yes, that is Kris Kristofferson. I actually saw him two weeks ago, probably before this picture was taken. He was downtown hanging out with the crew. He looked pretty good for being 72. Oh also heard he was very nice, his drinking and partying days must be behind him. They just finished up another film - "Provinces of Night" with Kris, Val Kilmer - I did not see him unfortunately - Hilary Burton and Hilary Duff. I did see an interview with Hilary Duff on the local news channel, the girl has lost her baby fat and seemed quite normal.

Any hoo, the film industry is really big here. They just built the second largest underwater special effects set which can be turned into two sets if needed. I am told this is a really big deal. They already do most of the crime scene stuff - bodies - you see on CSI and Bones here. Pretty gruesome stuff. But the artist in me thinks they probably have a great time doing it.

So, that is what is happening in my town this past month. I do wish I had caught a glimpse of Val though.....


Lindart said...

Wow! Busy place you live in! Kris Kristofferson has certainly aged well, he looks better now than he did a few years ago!

Beverley Baird said...

What fun! To be able to sight a few celebrities all in a short space of time.
I remeber Kris K. in his young days - loved him. But if he is aging so must I! lol
Take care.

Sharon said...

I loved this post. Especially your comments. Had me giggling.I am sorry you didn't get a peak at Val. I had the joy of meeting Keifer Sutherland many moons ago when he was filming here. After the nice how-do-you-do every morning his limo would drive by my shop window and he would have the driver toot and he would wave at me. Made my day everytime. Then he was gone..... ah well live rolls on. Sharon

Jamie said...

Kris Kristofferson!!! I LOVE him and always will:) Lucky Girl!
Glad to see you blanked out John's face. That scoundrel!! I think maybe Kate is just trying to get away from the limelight right now. What cool goings on in your town!! Love, Jamie