Thursday, May 14, 2009

Freebies - Trade cards - Hats

This week I decided on "Hats". Nothing makes quite a statement as a hat. I wore a big ole southern bell hat for one of my marriages. In the summer, a straw hat is a necessity when working in the flower beds or sitting in the sun. Hats are great for the "bad "hair days. Pull your hair in a pony tail and put on a baseball cap and you look like you have been working out hard. Nothing can complete an outfit like a hat. Remember in the movie with Dianne Ladd when she goes to Italy - Under the Tuscan Sun? There is the blond woman who wear's the big black hat and looks so fantastic. Why don't people where hats like that any more? I guess they are hard to sit in a car and drive with. Any way here are some trade cards from my collection. Enjoy.

She reminds me of Rembrandt.

Is this beret Prince sings of?

I love this simple sailor hat.

I love her coral necklace and bejeweled hat.

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NANCY said...

Always love your digital freebies!...thanks so much for sharing!