Monday, July 27, 2009

Digital Collage - 12 layers - After the Fire

The yahoo group Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art is having a digital challenge. Use 12 layers in a digital collage. This is my entry. I took a 1906 photo of St. Patrick's Cathedral after the big earthquake and fire in San Francisco. I found this whole box of earthquake photos on a trip to San Francisco several years ago. I scanned and enlarged them and have started playing with some of them. I really like the shell of this church. It has been rebuilt and is really quite lovely now. I took some time last time I was there to visit it. They had several of the same photos that I had posted in one area. Click and enlarge this one. It is pretty fun. See if you can see all the layers.


Dotti said...

Very innovative Elizabeth! I really like where your sense of imagery is leading!

Kaz said...

Nope I can't see the 12 layers, but it's a brilliant collage.

Catherine said...

This is a gorgeous collage, Elizabeth! I'm a bit layer-challenged but can see 7 layers (I think). You have combined these images and textures so beautifully. Another stunning piece of artwork!