Friday, July 10, 2009


I slipped this one in just in time. The challenge was offered last Saturday. This was June's challenge on her Art Freebie blog. The Soartful Saturday Challenge. I was not sure if I would get it finished in time. I have been playing catch up since the air conditioning was fixed. So little time so much to do. This background reminds me of that stuff you make molds out of. I had to sort of step back and think about it so that image did not get in my way. The wings are from my freebies, the girl is one of my French postcards, the sequin waste stamp is an old one from Raindrops on Roses.

Original background image


June said...

Hiya Elizabeth, aww no worries about being late. I have been unwell and playing catch up too. Thanks for playing this week
I love this one as all the elements fit perfectly and i love the sequin waste stamp on the background.
thanks again my friend
Hugs June x

daisy said...

Gorgeous work Elizabeth.

Maura Simas said...

Thank you, Elizabeth for your comment on my blog. I am playing catch up for comments as my email address changed. What a beautiful piece of art this is. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing your artwork with us.