Thursday, July 30, 2009

SOARTFUL CHALLENGE - Owl - Magical nights

Last Saturday's challenge for Soartful Challenge from Art Freebies was this awesome picture of an owl. I was late working on it as I was out in the country listening to the crickets. I really love these birds. I have a Great Horned Owl that lives in this big old pine tree off of my driveway. Every afternoon right before dusk she comes out to hunt.

First, she sort of hops out of this large crevice in the tree. Then, a quick stretch of the wings and she is about six feet out on the limb looking around. Sometimes she will just sit there. Other times she will fly up into my neighbors very large magnolia tree. Just waking up and getting the lay of the land. Then she takes flight and soars across the front of my yard, across the golf course high up into another pine tree where she waits for dinner.

Off and on during the evening you can here her return to her nest and feed her two owlets. Some nights if I go for a late swim and lay still in the pool on my back, she will fly over me so quietly that I feel the air move and see her large shape. I think she is as curious about me as I am her. This year she left me the broken shells to her eggs on my patio. A gift.

My collage is about young love and the things that go on at night. The owl in his painting represents the hunt that all people go on to find their mate. The courtship - flowers, first date, first kiss...Thank you June for such a wonderful image.
p.s. all the images in my collage come from June's Art Freebies blog.

original image


June said...

Elizabeth, I adore this incredible collage and love how you you made it and how you interpreted it. Where do you live ? Your life sounds so wonderful ... a swim at night, the owls and the beautiful countryside .... oh you lucky lady ! I am much better at the moment than i have been thanks my friend but not completely sorted out and still awaiting more tests ... but good at the moment so when the going is good .... lol
Hugs June x

Terri Kahrs said...

Elizabeth, this is a stunning collage! You've conveyed that romantic feeling successfully and beautifully. Hugs, Terri

TheresainMS said...

I really like this; I've always felt drawn to owls too for some reason. They've always seemed so regal in their 'bird stance' and in how they move themselves through the air. Thanks for sharing this; it's wonderful!

BT said...

What a fabulous description of you in the pool with that owl silently flying over you and just moving the air enough for you to feel it. Beautiful. I love your collage too.