Friday, July 31, 2009

Roses for Me

This is one of my favorite Rose paintings. It is by Abbott Handerson Thayer. I have a lot of blue pots in that style around the outside of my house. They always make whatever is growing in them so beautiful. In one of the biggest pots I have, a miniature rose bush grows. My children gave to me about fifteen years ago for Mother's Day. It too, blooms pink. Whenever I look outside I think of this painting, wondering whom the roses were for.

This is my Birthday Weekend. I will be doing birthday things, traveling a little and hopefully spending some time with those I love. Some in spirit and some in person. After my birthday weekend begins the round of family birthday's begin. I told myself today to start walking a couple times a day because there is going to be a lot of cake, pies, cookies, and ice cream in the next few months. Maybe some extra laps in the pool might help, also.

I am asking everyone I know to please do something unexpected for your self and for some one you may not know. Give that stranger an extra big smile, open the door for someone, pay for some ones coffee, leave an ATC in the bathroom at the library or work. Just some random act of kindness. You never know where it will lead.


Janice said...

This is a beautiful painting, thank you for sharing your favourite artist. I must do the same on my own blog. My favourite is Joan Eardley.

BT said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth, I hope you've had a great weekend. xxx