Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Trip to the Bead Store

Quite the welcome to a very cool bead store in Raleigh North Carolina - Ornamentea. It speaks of all the delights inside. I am not a big beader, but I am drawn to the texture and colors of beads. Like any woman, I enjoy wearing them and using them in my art work is such a plus.
Long ago I made jewelry, necklaces and earrings. Then, I put my materials aside and started doing other things. Now, anything goes and I am being drawn back to jewelry making. I have several artist friends who make wonderful jewelry. They make earrings, necklaces, soldered pieces. Frankly, it is amazing and inspiring.

Monday a group of such talented artist met for art and friendship at this bead store. The store was inspiring and the friendships even more. We talked about community. One of the girls read an excerpt from Kelly Rae's new book, "Taking Flight". It was about surrounding yourself with a community of people who encourage, validate you and your art. Where there is no competition or jealousy. I have been lucky enough to find this with that group and another local altered art group. On the way home I realized that the online art groups I am in and the people I have met here on my blog are also part of that community. I realized how truly blessed I am.

So find yourself an art community that will challenge you, encourage you, and support your art. Meanwhile here are some inspiring photos for you. I know you will want to pull out your beads and do something with them.


barbara burkard said...

OOOO....I LOVE BEADS!!! (maybe that's why i was delighted that the moved me into the beading gallery at work!) jump jump jumping for joy!!! just love to hold them all!!! and let them run thru my fingers...ooops...and make a mess!

Rosie said...

I'm a sucker for beads too! I love the look of that store and it sounded lovely - you and all your arty friends! I only have access to an online community od arty folk like you, Elizabeth... but boy am I ever grateful! The locals here where I live think I am a bit 'odd', frankly, but I really don't care! LOL!