Sunday, September 14, 2008

Card Fronts

Last night I was so tired I could not sleep. Have you ever been like that? Not really functioning very well, yet so tired you can't sleep. Sort of bouncing from one thing to the next. Sorting and cleaning is always a good thing to do in these situations. In the midst of sorting I realized I had a ton of scrap card stock and some old photo paper. I had been putting away stamps and ran across my hero Arts Shadow stamps. I pulled out some multi color ink pads and went to work.

First, I inked the shadow stamps with the multi colored ink pads. Then, I stamped the photo paper. I did a whole bunch just very randomly and let them dry. After they were dry I pulled out some stamps. I started with the trees thinking about fall and went to work stamping. When I got tired of trees I just used some random stamps that fit the size of the shadow stamps.

After all the ink was dry I cut the photo paper I had stamped down into tight small pictures. I took my gold leafing pen and went around all the edges and let dry. While the leafing was drying I cut card stock to match the pictures. Once the pictures were dry I mounted them with Scotch double sided tape to the card stock. Some, I did two layers of card stock. Some not. Some, I gold leafed the card stock too. Some not. Now, I have a bunch of card fronts for when I need a quick card. The other great thing is that I have used up and recycled the old photo paper and card stock scraps.


Scrappy Cat said...

What beautiful cards - I love the simplicity of them. Need to dig out my shadow stamps and multicolor pads!

sandee said...

Alas...another great blog entry! I want to go garage saling with you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have those shadow stamps somewhere...Thanks for the great inspiration!

Babsarella said...

What beautiful cards!! Love your techinque!