Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gold Card Award

Who doesn't like getting award? It just sort of makes your whole day, sometimes your whole week. It adds a little spring to your step and makes you want to get all gluey and covered with paint. Who doesn't want a gold card? So thanks Peggy for this wonderful award. I have really enjoyed your blog and feel very honored.

Now it is up to me to pick five blogs. It is hard to pick five blogs. I have picked these five or so because they are all different yet each woman is very talented. All of these blogger's represent what I think most of us want - to take care of and love our family, have time and a place to create, have our creations affirmed by others, and have our voices heard.

So here are my blog picks.
1. Madness and Mess - Carole brings the New Zealand point of view. She is a very multi talented artist and I love her sense of color and ability to try anything.
2. Under the Red Roof - Donna is fresh and fun and brings a young families' life in rural America to life. She is a great shopper and designer. Lots of ideas here.
3. Robin's Nest - Robin does beautiful work. I love her palette in every thing she does. Her color sense is great and some of the beading...
4. Recycled Rita - Vintage - flea market finds, nice to see someone appreciate all that old stuff!
5. Kindred Spiritz Arts - Maura is from California. She definitely gives you the West coast life and her jewelry and art is great.
6. I know I said 5 blogs but this is a really special blog that I just love her photos and the style so I am going outside the box and going for 6. The Little Pink Studio. I hope you enjoy all of these blogs.

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Maura Simas said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank You!!! I DO love your artwork especially your one a week canvases.

Thanks again. Maura