Friday, September 19, 2008

One Sweet Blog Award

What a surprise to wake up and find that someone had given me an award. Talk about make your day! Thank you so much Diane. I really appreciate it. I also want to say that I love your blog. I think Diane is one of the "queen of transfers". She has some gorgeous stuff on her blog. Please take some time to look at her blog.

So, like most of these awards go you are to spread the fun around. I like that it is sort of appreciation an affirmation in motion. I am to award several more blogs, list them and their links, then email them that they have receive this award. This is my five.....or more....

1. Roberta - She is always consistent, encouraging, great with color and most important creative. That is not as easy as it seems. Her work is inspiring and informative.
2. Deanna - I am going to turn you on to her cooking blog, she has an art blog, too. But anyone who can make such good food with a three year old has to be admired. Plus, I love a good recipe.
3. Zeborah - I love Zeb's wit and her photography is great. Zeb gives us a look of life through her lens.
4. Art with Moxie - Sort of says it all doesn't it? She is an art teacher and you can tell, which is really nice when you look at one of her great pieces and say to yourself - "how did she do that?"
5. Nicole - I enjoy the fresh fabrics and energy that is displayed in this blog. There is fabric to soldering going on.
6. Deb Lewis - I first found her blog through the name and then as I started reading through I realized - whoa - an hour or so had gone by. Deb will show you some adventure.


Cory said...

Thank you Elizabeth for the award and the very very sweet of you.

Hope we get to create together one day soon.


Diane said...

A girl just can't have too many blog awards! Your work is wonderful & that's one of the reason I see a string of blog awards listed for you. I really enjoy your work. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

Deana said...

Thank you for your sweet thoughts!! Maddie DOES sleep SOMETIMES!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth,
Thanks for the VERY kind words about my blog! Yours is one of my favs too...I come for the art, the colors, and yep, the recipes ;-) Besides, there is tons of inspiration here, I can feel it!