Friday, September 26, 2008

Fiberglass Splint

A fiber glass splint is on my leg now. It is very interesting procedure. First they put a long toe less sock on you. Then they wrap your leg in felted gauze. It is cotton, very dense. I asked for an extra roll to do "something" arty with. Then they put the splint on. It is fiberglass covered with a padding. They wet the whole thing and then mold it to your foot and leg. It dries in a couple of minutes. It becomes very hard. Then they wrap the whole thing with a sticky ace bandage. Ta Da a splint. Depending on the swelling I might get a cast next week, if not a new splint.

I also got this really cool thing called a Dry Soc. It is this big blue rubbery sock that fits over my splint with a valve on it. You attach this hand pump and pump out all the air and you have a watertight sock that you can bathe, shower, or swim with. How cool is that? Plus you can use it over and over. The other really cool thing I got was a scooter thing with big wheels. It has a padded seat thingy and handle bars, it can make very tight turns and is thin so it fits in the hallway or bathroom. You put your knee on the seat and scoot around the house with it. So much better than crutches and really fast. I feel like that commercial Zoom Zoom Zoom. It is all exhausting but temporary.


Mary S Hunt said...

sounds as if you are adjusting very well!

Scrappy Cat said...

At least you've got a scooter - much better than crutches. And the dry soc sounds cool - amazing the improvements they continue to make. Hope you find things to do to keep your mind off your broken foot - and I hope you're not in any pain.

When I broke my (right) ankle, I learned to sew using my left foot - still sew that way today. hahaha

Diane said...

I hope you're feeling better by now.