Friday, September 26, 2008

One Misstep

Misstep is an understatement here. Maybe a duh huh blonde moment might cover it. Early Tuesday morning I broke my foot - going up the stairs. I missed the first step. I heard a crack and thought I might be in a bit of trouble. The pain was like when you stub your toe on something really hard. I just sort of sat down and waited for the pain to get better. All that lovely deep breathing from child birth always comes in handy. Amazingly enough it actually works. By the time I made it upstairs my foot was starting to swell and bruise. A trip to the emergency room was in my future.

I decided to wait till about two a.m. or so as I figured the wait would not be too bad. It is bad enough being hurt, but to see other people sick and suffering is haunting. Takes me days to get over it. So I sat down and did a couple sheets of fabric paper, straightened up my studio and bagged all the packages I needed to get out. A quick hop in the shower, shave those legs and off to the emergency room by three o'clock.

Good news no wait I am the only one there. Bad news I did break my foot. Crummy E.R. doctor. He said they would give me a hard sole shoe and sent me to a orthopedic surgeon. The E.R. doctor last words were "just be sure you see him within a week." Lucky me I know an orthopedic foot guy who has taken care of one of my boys. I called him when the office open and he said come on in.

Bad news - spiral break, no weight on it for at least a month. I wonder what walking around in a hard sole shoe for a week might have done to it? If doesn't heal right a metal plate. Well, I am sending out healing thoughts and vibes, my foot will heal right, no weight and it will all be over soon. I am limited in motion, and what I can do.


Mary S Hunt said...

i will send you some healing love vibes too!
i have suffered the broken foot deal
and it is not fun
mine must not have healed the best
because i still know it is there
maybe yours won't be so bothersome.

sorry about the mishap...
be better the best way no matter if it takes a little longer..

Scrappy Cat said...

Oh my gosh - sorry about your misstep! Been there, done that. Several years ago I stepped in a hole - thought I'd just sprained my ankle. Took me a week to decide it might be worse - I'd broken my ankle. I was lucky that I had a boot, not a cast. But I also had crutches - not fun at all!

Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!!

drmarty62 said...

Oh Poor Elizabeth.
Good thing you got a second opinion. Hard thing is, if you leave your foot dangling you will get extra swelling. Hope it gets better soon.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oh gosh Elizabeth, so very sorry to hear about your break!!!Someone as creative and busy as yourself just doesn't have time to be laid up I'm sure! Take good care and make your wonderful art when you can! You made me smile latching on to some supplies from the cast room. I saw endless possibilities when our son had a break some years ago! Take it easy and take good care!